Vlorë, the charming coastal city of Albania, is a hidden gem that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Its stunning beaches, rich history, and delicious cuisine are just a few reasons why Vlorë is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Albania. In this blog post, we will explore the best thing about Vlorë and why you should add it to your travel bucket list.

The Best Thing About Vlorë: The Beaches

One of the main attractions of Vlorë is its beautiful beaches. The city has a long coastline that stretches for miles, offering visitors a variety of beaches to choose from. From sandy beaches to rocky coves, Vlorë has it all. The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.

One of the most popular beaches in Vlorë is the Plazhi i Ri beach. This beach is perfect for families with children as it has shallow waters and plenty of amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, and restaurants. For those looking for a more secluded beach experience, the Radhima beach is a great option. This beach is located in a small cove and offers visitors a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

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Another Thing About Vlorë: The History

Vlorë has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The city was founded in the 6th century BC by the Greeks and has been inhabited by various civilizations throughout history. One of the most significant events in Vlorë’s history was the declaration of independence in 1912.

The Independence Monument in Vlorë commemorates this historic event and is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in Albanian history. The monument is located in the center of the city and features a bronze statue of Ismail Qemali. The leader of the Albanian independence movement.

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Another important historical site in Vlorë is the Kaninë Castle. This castle dates back to the 4th century BC and was used by various civilizations throughout history. The castle offers visitors stunning views of the surrounding area and is a great place to learn about the history of Vlorë.

Another Thing About Vlorë: The Cuisine

Albanian cuisine is known for its delicious flavors and unique dishes, and Vlorë is no exception. The city has a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer traditional Albanian cuisine as well as international dishes.

One of the most popular dishes in Vlorë is Tave Kosi, a baked lamb and yogurt casserole that is both hearty and delicious. Seafood is also a popular choice in Vlorë due to its proximity to the sea. Grilled squid, octopus, and shrimp are just a few of the seafood dishes you can enjoy in Vlorë.

For those with a sweet tooth, Vlorë offers a variety of desserts such as Baklava. A sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo dough and honey syrup. Raki, a traditional Albanian liquor made from grapes, is also a must-try when visiting Vlorë.

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