ДАЛИ СО ПРАВО ВИЛА РАДОЖДА ГО РЕДЕФИНИРА ТЕРМИНОТ ,,FINE DINING” Кој не слушнал за Вила Радожда?! Иако мислиме дека не постои таков од регионот и пошироко, за овој бисер на Охридското Езеро и те како вреди оваа приказна да се раскажува. Вила Радожда можеби не е категоризиран како ,,fine dining” ресторан, но да пробаме да […]

A Weekend of Adventure and Serenity: Family Retreat in Villa Radozda and Scaling Jablanica Peak Black Stone

Friday: Embarking on a Lakeside Retreat at Villa Radozda on the Shores of Lake Ohrid” Late June 2023 marked the advent of a particularly temperamental month, characterized by frequent and unpredictable showers. Mother Nature, it seemed, couldn’t quite make up her mind, delivering a mix of rain and sunshine that kept us all on our […]

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Sermenin Village and Ethno House Sermeninski Chardak

Last weekend, our adventurous family of four had to return from camping in the scenic camping grounds of Chalkidiki, Greece due to some urgent work commitments on Monday. Strategically planning our journey, we decided to make our way back to Skopje on a Friday, wisely avoiding the bustling weekend border crowds during the peak of […]

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