Nestled in the heart of the enchanting Suvi Laki National Park in the tourist settlement with the same name, between Palazlia pass and Prevedena pass, lies a hidden gem, Villa Prevedena, 20 km from both cities of Strumica and Berovo.

It offers a sanctuary of tranquility and natural splendor, tucked away in nature’s wilderness. This pet-friendly heaven provides an escape from the outside world, embracing guests with its rustic charm and idyllic setting, far from the usual distractions of everyday living.

Discovering the Tourist Settlement Suvi Laki

Having been developed in 1978, Suvi Laki has flourished into a haven for around 500 weekend houses, each an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. The settlement’s charm is further enhanced by the prominent presence of the “St. Cyril and Methodius” church, testament to its popularity as a beloved destination.

A Warm Welcome and Serene Hospitality at Villa Prevedena

As you approach Villa Prevedena, you will feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. The journey through winding roads surrounded by majestic trees will already immerse you in the natural beauty of this idyllic tourist settlement.

Embracing a personalized approach, the check-in and check-out times are arranged individually at the time of booking. The kind hostess Monika will ensure you feel at ease and acquainted with all the essential details.

The villa will stand before you, inviting and cozy, offering an escape from the world. It is the perfect sanctuary for 2 (two) people or a young family of 4 (four), exclusively rented as a whole to ensure an intimate and private experience. Stepping inside, you will be greeted by the rustic charm that defines the villa’s character, and you will know you have found your temporary haven.

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The furnished interior will exude a sense of comfort, and the well-equipped kitchen will promise culinary adventures amidst the tranquil surroundings.

While there will be no television, you will quickly discover that it is a blessing in disguise. Instead of being glued to a screen, you will find yourself drawn to the large windows or the never-ending yard where nature’s masterpiece will unfold before your eyes. This retreat is meant for reflection and rejuvenation, and you may only want to take pictures of the awe-inspiring surrounding wilderness. Still, guests can enjoy free Wifi and a reliable mobile network during their stay.

During your stay, Monika will offer food from the region. The taste of the local delicacies at Villa Prevedena is nothing short of divine, as they are filled with freshness and sourced from organic origins, that will leave you craving for more.

You may decide to venture to a nearby fish restaurant. Before Suvi Laki, on the road to Bezgastevo on the left, there is a fish restaurant that also offers many opportunities for refreshment. The locals will warmly welcome you, as if you were an old friend returning home and you will enjoy the delicious meal. To your surprise, the locals may even offer you a taste of their homemade Macedonian rakija (brandy) or homemade wine.

In addition, other local restaurants are also available to tantalize your taste buds.

*It’s important to note that there are no local markets in the immediate vicinity of the Villa, so you are advised to come prepared with any necessities.

The peaceful serenity of the nights was simply magical. The soothing sounds of nature, the rustle of leaves, and the distant chirping of crickets provided a calming symphony that lulled us into a sense of tranquility. Even though we were in August last year, the nights at Villa Prevedena had a cool touch. Nevertheless, we didn’t let the chill deter us. Wrapped in cozy blankets, we sat outside, embracing the tranquil atmosphere, and lit the wood stove only for the kids so they could sleep peacefully. The joy of the serene nights under the starry skies was a memorable experience.

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*Please bare in mind to stay mosquito-free and comfortable with essential insect repellent sprays.

The Gateway to Suvi Laki National Park

Nestled between the awe-inspiring Ogražden and Maleshevska mountains, Suvi Laki National Park is a picturesque wonderland, boasting unparalleled beauty and rejuvenating air quality at its lofty elevation of approximately 1,000 meters.

The Preveda pass and Palazlia pass are located deep in the Ogražden mountain and are counted among the most picturesque in North Macedonia due to the dense forest and abundance of water streams and fountains in the passes. The Palazlia pass can be reached from two sides. The hike starts from Hamzali village to the south, spanning 10.8 kilometers. On this side, the ascent is steep, making it one of the steepest passes in Macedonia. This part of the mountain is relatively dry with no fountains.

The hike on the Prevedena Pass is relatively easier to climb, with a shorter length on the south side and a gentle steepness on the north side. The pass starts at Suvi Laki tourist settlement, covering 3.9 kilometers with a total height difference of 190 meters. This trail abounds with fountains and streams, including the Bezgastevska River, which flows into the Suvi Laki valley.

For more adventurous hikers, there is an opportunity to conquer the highest peak of Ograzden mountain, standing at 1746 meters, as well as the highest peak in the municipality of Berovo. The recommended hiking tour begins from the village of Dvorishte at 903 meters, a 15 km drive from Villa Prevedena. The well-marked trail passes through the village of Sharenkova Koliba at 1190 meters and the village of Suva Vodenica, leading all the way to the top of Ograzhdenec. The route spans 9.5 kilometers in one direction and is considered more challenging for children.

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Other activities you can enjoy include visiting Lake Berovo, just a 30-minute drive from the villa, as well as biking, leisurely strolls, and berry picking (in August).

At Villa Prevedena, you will enjoy its highlights:

⭐️Cosy Rustic Charm
⭐️Endless Yard Surrounded by Nature’s Wilderness
⭐️Nights Under the Stars and Total Silence
⭐️Fresh Organic Food
⭐️Fish Restaurants and Local Culinary Treasures
⭐️Water and Streams
⭐️Hiking Trails in Picturesque Nature
⭐️Unparalleled Scenery
⭐️Secluded Retreat
⭐️Tranquil Serenity

Villa Prevedena will become more than just a temporary retreat. It will become a place where you will discover the beauty of nature, the warmth of human connections, and the true essence of serenity.

For further details or booking, kindly reach out to us via the following contact number and email address:
Phone: +389 70 383 767