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Ethno Villa Samovila

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Delchevo 2320, North Macedonia

About this rental

Welcome to Ethno Villa Samovila, a Vlaina Mountain Retreat

Nestled on over 6 acres of private land, surrounded by a dominant beech forest, and situated at over 1020 meters above sea level, Ethno Villa Samovila invites you to a peaceful and idyllic setting where you can enjoy clean, crisp mountain air and serene surroundings, with the nearest neighboring property a generous 200 meters away, providing a sense of seclusion and privacy.
Located on the slopes of the magnificent Vlaina Mountain, between the peaks of Obel and Borova Mogila, despite its recent construction, this villa was meticulously built in the authentic and cherished Macedonian architectural style, preserving the rich heritage of the region.
It offers an exquisite opportunity for you to spend quality time with family or enjoy a weekend with friends in a private and delightful setting.
The city of Delchevo is 10 min drive, while the Bulgaria crossing border is 3 min drive.


The villa features 3 (three)bedrooms with comfortable double beds, one of which is located on a gallery, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Each bedroom is equipped with side tables and wardrobes for your convenience. With a maximum capacity of 8 guests, whether you’re with your family, friends, or adventurous companions, you’ll find ample beds to cater to your group’s needs.

The cozy living room boasts two sofas, making it the perfect space for relaxation and socializing. A well-appointed kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, work table, and gas stove, allows you to prepare your own meals. Additionally, there’s a kitchen in an open utility building, featuring a pantry, sink, wood stove, oven, and a dining table for communal feasts.

Heating during the colder month:
The villa is thoughtfully equipped with a cozy fireplace, central heating fueled by the hearth’s warmth, and benefits from eco-friendly energy sourced from solar panels.

Flexible Check-In and Check-Out
Your comfort is a priority. With flexible check-in and check-out times, your arrival and departure are stress-free. The villa key is personally handed over by the owner for a warm and welcoming experience.

Additional Amenities:
For extended stays of more than three days, fresh bed linen and towels are provided.
The accommodation is pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry companions.
A bicycle storage area is available for active guests who wish to explore the beautiful surroundings.

For a single night’s stay, our rates are as follows:
28 eur for 2 people
42 eur for 4 people
55 eur for 6 people
65 eur for 8 people
Please note that the price may vary depending on the number of nights you stay and the configuration of your guest group.

Experience the Magic of Vlaina Mountain with us:
Vlaina Mountain is not just a geological marvel; it’s a haven of natural springs, cold and refreshing, inspiring the creation of numerous fountains dotting the landscape. The mountain’s forests whisper with the secrets of time, with beech tree complexes adding their enchanting touch to the scenery. This is a place where you can truly reconnect with nature.
Here, you can enjoy a recreational bicycle path, a 5-kilometer route that connects the picturesque city of Delchevo with the tranquil Ilin Kamen site. With a gentle 280-meter elevation change, the path promises a leisurely ride or a delightful walk, without daunting ascents or descents. Paved with a sturdy surface known as bekhaton and thoughtfully illuminated, you can explore it even under the moon’s gentle glow.
Hiking enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity to embark on a hiking trail to the Kadiica peak, standing proudly at 1980 meters, as you explore the wondrous landscapes and conquer the heights of this majestic mountain.
If you’re craving a delectable dining experience, the renowned Fish Restaurant Vodenica is just a short 4 km drive away, offering a culinary delight right at your doorstep.

So, why wait? Reconnect with nature, savor the pure mountain air, and craft unforgettable memories at Ethno Villa Samovila. Your home away from home in the heart of Macedonia’s wilderness awaits your reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: The villa is exclusively rented to groups of individuals who are familiar with each other. The owner highly values their privacy and desires guests to enjoy a wholly immersive and comfortable experience.

For further details, additional information and reservation, kindly reach out to us via the following contact number and email address:
Phone: +389 70 383 767


Air Conditioning
Double Bed
Flat Tv
Free Parking
Free WiFi
Garden View
Hot water
Mountain View
Non-smoking rooms
Pets allowed
Sofa Bed


Pet Allowed

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Delchevo 2320, North Macedonia
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